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What is OTT Advertising?

The term over-the-top basically refers to the service used to stream digital content to a TV or similar device. The group of devices commonly classified as OTT include:

  • Streaming boxes (Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Samsung Allshare Cast)
  • HDMI sticks (Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick)
  • Smart TV (through in-TV apps like Netflix or HBO Go)
  • Game consoles
  • DVR set-top boxes
  • Internet-enabled smart blu-ray/DVD players

OTT advertising is much like advertising on TV, but delivered through streaming media on OTT platforms. The technology is expected to vastly improve in coming months and to offer marketers the best of both worlds—the benefits of programmatic, as well as the growing reach of streaming services. With OTT ad revenue set to increase from 45% to 60% over the next decade, AdTech pioneers and early adopters of OTT advertising will reap its benefits in the near future.

Five Reasons to Launch Ads

01. Reach Mass Audiences

The days of cable boxes being superior are long gone. Many viewers now watch their favorite media on internet-connected devices instead of primetime broadcasts.

02. Micro-Target Viewers

Instead of casting that wide TV commercial net, with the best OTT platforms, you can target the exact customer your business is looking for. It’s a no-brainer for marketers.

03.  Better Data Analytics

OTT advertisers can target niche audiences and demographics with advanced data feedback and analytics, which are accessible from many web-based platforms that host OTT advertisements.

04. Higher Audience Attention

OTT advertisements have a few features that make them stand out and stay relevant: Unskippable ads, multiple platforms, efficient formats and engaging content.

05. Acquire More Consumer

OTT advertising viewers can click on links and take surveys within the ads, and even open a new tab to search for a specific product or service. For advertisers, that level of interactivity provided by OTT advertisements equates to a clearer, shorter path toward consumer action.

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Digital Calls helps businesses increase their revenue through client-focused, ROI-driven digital marketing initiatives.

Strategic OTT Marketing

Connected TV (CTV) advertising is when ads are shown on a smart TV or any other internet-connected device that can access premium streaming content. CTV ads can be watched on smart TVs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and TVs that are connected to over-the-top devices.

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Highly Measurable & Cost-Effective

Studies have shown that most buying decisions are made at the household level. This means that the best way to build long-term relationships with customers is to send meaningful messages to the people in the household. Smart TV sales are at an all-time high, and the number of people watching linear TV is going down. CTV is the most interesting and cost-effective way to reach them.

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Infinite Possibilities

Since there will be more than 55 million cord-cutters by 2022 and millions more cord-nevers who have never paid for traditional cable TV, CTV advertising is no longer a "nice to have" part of a media strategy. It's almost a must today.

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